Tuesday, 13 March 2012


You differentiate your lessons, we all do. It’s essential to pitch the lesson correctly so that all children are able to learn something from a lesson at their own speed and through a task appropriate to their ability.
But, who chooses which children complete which activity, worksheet or task? Usually the teacher. How’s about handing that choice to the learners? Introduce your lesson. Explain the differentiation. Then, allow the children to choose what they feel with offer them support while also providing sufficient challenge.
Who surprised you? Who went for a ‘more difficult task’ than you expected? Who chose an ‘easier task’ than you expected?


  1. I have seen a year-long task option list for reading responses. Students had a variety of formats that they could use to show what they learned, so long as they used all of the formats at least once, from an Accelerated Reader multiple choice test to a 3-D art project. Students loved it, and teachers got a taste of how students like to express their knowledge. They got to display their finished products in the library, which boosted check-outs among peers.

  2. Mr Park,

    Thank you for your comment.