Sunday, 17 July 2016

Taskmaster: Prepositional Phrases

A third addition to our ideas for the classroom that have come from the television program 'Taskmaster'

This time, linked to English, and grammar in particular. Watch the video below:

The task set was along the lines of, "Place the gym balls on the yoga mat that's on top of the hill. While most contestants carried the balls up the hill to the mat, Richard Osman went up, brought the mat down and then place the balls onto it: balls on the mat that (was) on top of this hill. Room for interpretation in the prepositional phrase? Greg Davies thought so. 

Can you set you children a similar task and look for scope within the prepositional phrases involved to carry out the task in 'their own way'?

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Taskmaster: Pizza Oracy

We've written before about using ideas from 'Taskmaster' in our classroom. We've picked up another idea...

Our school is currently focusing on improving oracy amongst our young people. We (adults, at home in our own time) enjoyed watching this task on Taskmaster

Could see it, and similar, working well in the classroom. The children couldn't ring an actual pizza delivery company (or could they? or even Skype...), but they could work in pairs. It could also be run with other scenarios and 'banned' vocabulary. The video clip below is from the program and, unless we missed something, it's safe for a primary classroom:

If you come up with you own versions, please let us know...