Monday, 16 November 2015

Make X in Maths

Earlier this year, we saw the following Tweet from Ben:
At the time of reading his Tweet, we'd not heard of 24 Game. However, as a result of Ben's Tweet, we've been using the rules of '24 Game' in our maths classes. 

We started by downloading the app that would allow a demonstration of 24 Game to the class. We also found the board game available online for UK delivery.The 24 Game website also has a Teacher's Tools page. In addition, there are many online examples of the game too.

The app has been excellent for children to work with numbers and the four operations. In addition, as Ben did, we've got our classes to make their own game boards to then give to a peer for them to solve. This creating of the game and then a peer trying to solve extends the number skills involved. And, as you may have already noticed, the total does not always have to be 24. 

We've been collecting some of the children's creations on a Padlet Wall.

This app demonstrates that playing cards could be used for the activity too.

Linked to this, we continue to use Quento and KenKen to work on similar calculation skills.


  1. I like this - similar to 'make 200' or '100' '150'. Have you ever seen that? Just uses addition.

  2. I've been using a physical large game version with Tagtiv8. Worth looking at