Sunday, 22 March 2015

Uses For AirServer

We have iPad devices and have chosen to purchase AirServer to display them on interactive projections in our school. What is written below, will also with with other devices and other mirroring software.

1. Mobile visualiser: The teacher, a child or other adult in the classroom can walk around with the tablet device (with its camera turned on) and then use it as a visualiser to display objects, work or demonstrations onto the board for all the class to see. In addition to the camera, this app from Alan Peat is designed for this very purpose.

2. Model an app before children use: If the children are to use an app, the teacher (or indeed a child) can demonstrate an app on the projection for all to see.

3. Run through a presentation while on the move: Present from the tablet device to allow the teacher to not be stuck at the front of the room. Children can then also interact from their seats.

4. Begin your lesson remotely: Going to be late to a lesson? Start the input while you make your way in.

5. Show children's work: As the teacher walks around the room, put the camera on and show good examples of what's going on in the room. Or, even work that needs improvement.

6. Annotate work: As mentioned in idea 2, annotate, as a class, directly onto a child's work.

There are also many more uses. If you want to share any, please comment below. 

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  1. We use air server along with the explain everything app on the iPad mini in maths. The class have to record how they work a problem out on the board. An iPad is then chosen to display onto the main board using air server so that the rest of the class can see the chosen child's explanation.

  2. In addition to the app mentioned, another powerful screen-mirroring solution is Reflector 2. Reflector 2 runs on a Mac or Windows computer and is compatible with iOS, Android and Chromebook devices, so it's great for a BYOD environment. It even works cross-platform and you can mirror multiple devices at once, so you aren't tired down by only showing iOS or only Android devices at one time. Reflector 2 allows you to seamlessly control whose screen is shown and whose during presentations or demonstrations.

  3. just found lonelyscreen. it is free.