Sunday, 17 November 2013

Caring Explicitly

Last week, I made a passing comment to a colleague, 

"This would be a lot easier if I didn't care!"

Then, I went away and I thought about what I'd said. I want the children in my care to succeed, progress, do well, be proud of themselves. I don't work more and harder to achieve an end of year bonus or to win a victory over a competitor. I provide a service to young people. Young people and their families. So that they may succeed, have a bright future and be the best that they can be.

Next, my mind turned to Channel 4 and their Educating Essex and Educating Yorkshire series. In both, I watch intently. Each week enjoying looking inside another school and seeing other like minded professionals doing what I do and yes, showing a whole bucket load of care. After the first series, I went to meet 'Mr. Drew'. He'd become something of a celebrity. During Educating Yorkshire, both Mr Steer and Mr Burton displayed how much they care about their classes, individuals and the school as a whole. On Twitter, I read Tweet after Tweet that read, "I wish my teacher cared like Mr Steer does" and, "I wish Mr Burton had taught me". I replied to a couple: "Your teacher probably is Mr Steer, just with a different name" and, "You will have been taught by a Mr Burton".

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So I returned to my class, a Thursday morning, lesson 2, rain outside and we're writing instructions. I'm repeating myself, I'm talking to children who are not acting upon the feedback I'm providing, going around in circles. So, I stopped the class and I began, "Look! I care, I really really care. About you (pointing) and you (pointing again). I want you to do well. I want to help you. I do this job because I care..."

The children listened to me. I wanted to get my point across. I'm working hard becasue I care and I informed those who I care about, those I'm trying to help. I told them. I made it explicit. Who knows, maybe later on that day, "Mum, my teacher cares about me".


"This would be a lot easier if I didn't care!"

But unfortunately,

"I do care, A LOT!"

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