Sunday, 6 December 2015

When Plans Change

When plans change, it's useful to have the odd activity available that you can make use of. Here, Liam wrote about how this, for him, has become a 'gift'.

One App Whole Class - Take a look at our previous blog post about how we've used one tablet for the whole class to interact with it. 
We've shared in the past ideas for working on times table knowledge. Each of these can easily be picked up with minimal notice. Also, how about some Place Value Yahtzee or maths games with playing cards?

Try Something New - Through Twitter and other teacher's blogs, I regularly see things that I want to try in my classroom. They don't always fit into current topics being studied or might be a valuable one-off lesson focusing on a key skill. Therefore, when a spare hour or half hour crops up, it's a good chance to give them a go.

Websites and Apps - Got computers, laptops, tablets available? Grab them, use a website you subscribe to, an app that teaches or revises something. It'll be a good use of the time. 

Spelling - There are plenty of word games and activities that could be used to work on a spelling rule or current spelling list. Boggle, Conundrum, wordsearch, anagrams and so on...

Now, when someone says that the plans have changed, your job is to say, "Excellent!", turnaround and go have fun...


  1. Card games for fluency in maths is awesome. Try 'Finger on the Nose' in the classroom or take it further with 'Can You Do The Mobot?'

    1. Thanks for sharing Bryn. Your comments always welcome.