Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Your Red

At the time of writing, the video below is one of Tesco's current television advertisements. Firstly, watch it before you read on.

Did you hear what we heard? Will your children in your class? - you're / your

So, Tesco ended their advert with a homophone play on words. Here are some suggestions for classroom use:

- Play the advert and ask the children if they spotted anything.

- Ask them to write the script for the final 10 seconds. Do they use the correct homophone?

- Can they think of another homophone that could have closed this advert?

- Can they create another, similar advert, that uses a homophone to sell something?

- Can the children use this advert as an aide-mémoire to remember your/you're?

If you have any of your own suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment.

1 comment:

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