Sunday, 2 October 2011

Make Use of Time Lapse Video

I've always enjoyed watching time lapse videos. There's something about time passing along quickly and witnessing something that happened over hours or days in a matter of minutes or seconds.

Earlier this year, I planned to carry out an investigation with my class to prove that evaporation existed. The plan was to make puddles on the playground and then monitor and measure them throughout the day. The problem was that on the morning of the science lesson it had rained heavily over night. This meant we would not be able to create puddles to measure. However, I quickly realised nature had created one large puddle for us across the playground, so I set up a web cam looking out of my classroom and set it to take a photograph every minute between 07:30 and 15:45. The result was the video below, which my class loved watching and evoked a thoughtful discussion afterwards about what we could see happening on screen. I'm now looking for other ways I can make use of time lapse in the classroom...


  1. I'll be doing this soon with a class of pupils who are taking delivery of an incubator and a dozen or so duck eggs.

  2. Sounds great! We look forward to hearing how it goes. Share the video when it's finished.

  3. Time lapse video is a great tool for demonstrating various phenomena. We've made an ibook on how to produce a time lapse video using an ipod. The video demonstrates how light affects the movement and growth of plants. You'll find it in Itunes U and search for the National Science Learning Centre or on our YouTube site (