Sunday, 2 February 2014

Countdown Inspired Literacy Game

Last week, I was working with a group in literacy. Our focus was sentence structure and making our sentences more interesting. Whilst working on whiteboards I come up with the following...

I asked each of the six children for a word or type of punctuation:

"James give me a verb" - jumping

"Oliver, an adjective" - pink

"Sarah a piece of punctuation please" - exclamation mark

"Luke give me a noun" - football

"George, another punctuation" - brackets

"David an adverb please" - quickly

So, I wrote down: 'jumping, pink, !, football, ( ) and quickly' and told the children to write a sentence including all of those.

Some did it easier than others, some found it very tricky and sometimes the sentences were bizarre. They could add anything they wanted to the sentence, but it had to make sense and include everything from the prompt.

Quickly, Adam (who did not like heights) climbed the large daunting tree to retrieve the pink football!

It's like asking for letters or numbers in Countdown. In time, a set of cards with words and punctuation may even be made... 

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