Sunday, 19 November 2017

Maths Reasoning - Was Peter right? What did he mean?

On Thursday 16th November, Peter Kay was on the radio with Chris Evans. Here's a conversation they had. Available for 30 days (listen at 41:15)... 

Peter Kay (PK): You're lying in bed now thinking, I'll get up after this song. Round it up... What is it now? 7 what?
Chris Evans (CE): 7:12.
PK: Wait until 7:15.
CE: Yes, yes...
PK: Don't get up on an odd number.
CE: Go crazy.
PK: Wait until 7:15. When it's 7:17, wait until 20 past. 
CE: Is that what you do?
PK: You gotta round it up. You can't just get up mid numbers. 

So, Peter said to not get up at 07:12 and wait until 07:15 as he doesn't like to get up on an odd number. What's wrong? What was he intending to say? How can that be re-worded, but more mathematically accurate?

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