Saturday, 16 June 2018

#Taskmaster - Obscure [Noun] Miming Task

So, here's how the task went:
- contestant was handed an envelope. In that, it said to write down as many obscure animals as possible;
- once the list was written, they were handed another envelope. This envelope disclosed that they needed to mime the animals for their team-mate to guess.
- result, amusing TV!

The clip below shows one of the attempts and comes with a language warning:

So, how could this be used in the classroom?

- Name obscure adjectives, adverbs and so on...
- Name features of a topic, eg rivers, space, Egyptians
- Name cities in the UK
- It's endless...

But, you can't do it too often. It relies on the person writing the list not knowing the next bit is coming.

Taskmaster used this as part of a comedy program. We're certainly not looking to mock or ridicule children. The skills here are: deep thinking to make the 'obscure' list, quick thinking when the task develops, ability to communicate without words and the ability to interpret - and, this person must also have the knowledge to know what's being described! 

Give it a go.

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