Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Tools for Productivity

A few online tools and tools that can be downloaded, all for free, that we use regularly. We've shared their use previously, but here they are all together in one post...

Easily create mosaics with images on your computer. Allows images of an event or children's work to be shared in an interesting way.

We've used this site mostly to convert video formats (to allow editing via iMovie or Movie Maker, uploading to iPod/iPad or for use in SMART Notebook), but it is also useful for converting between .docx & .pdf and different image types.
Does exactly what it says on the tin. Need a copy of a blog post or website to read away from an electronic device? Get a copy in an easier to print format. Got an online article linked to planning that you'd like to make available offline? Use this to make a .pdf copy.

Got an image that you want to display, only larger? Put it through Posterazor and get a print out of the picture, enlarged, that can be put together and stuck up.

This tool is one of the first we turn on each morning and the last to get turned off at night. We run numerous Twitter accounts and this enables us to post from them and follow their notifications. In addition, various columns can be set up to search for words, phrases (one for your school name can be an interesting addition) and hashtags.

As *Mac users, this tool has occasionally been useful for running .exe (Windows) files on OSX.

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