Monday, 11 April 2016

Teacher Vs Class

In the past year, I've begun getting more involved in apps that allow me to play games, via my phone or tablet (LettersPress, Words with Friends, Yahtzee and more), with friends, family and 'strangers'. A bit late to the party I know!

I enjoy playing these games. I have my go. The details are sent to the opponent. When they can, they play and so on. Sometimes, there are a few moves in an hour; other times it takes days. 

It's made me think about how this could be used in class. Set up a chess board in the classroom. The teacher plays against the class, taking turns as and when get the opportunity. Scrabble would also work in a similar way. Yahtzee for a maths element. With both of these, the actual board game could be used, or a 2D laminated version could be used on the wall.

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