Friday, 8 April 2016


At the time of writing, WordsEye is currently in Beta. "WordsEye lets you type a picture! Create 3D scenes simply by describing them and share your creations with friends."

Type a sentence into WordsEye and it creates a picture of that sentence. The image above is based upon the sentence, "Cat under the large bed."

Current ideas for use of the pictures: prepositions, adjectives, determiners and story prompts.
Prepositions - display the picture and ask children to describe the relationship between the nouns pictured.

Adjectives - describe the picture to someone else.

Determiners - create a picture with a number of objects in and use determiners to pick out one or more of them.

Story prompt - create or use someone's picture and write a story based upon it.

We see this being used as a teacher's resource and not children. UPDATE: WordsEye contacted us to tell us about their "educationportal". Click here for details. Got some more ideas for uses? Let us know.

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