Thursday, 3 May 2018

Magical Hatching Writing

Recently, my daughters purchased some 'Magical Hatching Unicorns' and in school we used some hatching dinosaurs as a writing prompt.
With my daughters, toddlers, they knew that there were unicorns in the eggs and that they would hatch, but not how or why.
With the children at school, they knew the item was a 'toy' and that it would hatch, but not what was going to come out of them.
For those of you who have not come across these, it's a plastic egg, with an item inside and when it is placed in water for a couple of days, the egg hatches and the animal grows in the water.
To add to the excitement of the animal hatching, we used so augmented reality apps to make a dragon fly around the classroom.
The anticipation of what would come out of the egg, seeing it slowly appear and all the talk that went with it, created excitement and intrigue that lead to enjoyment of writing. 
What will you do with them?

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