Friday, 12 May 2017

#Taskmaster: 5 Letter Word Game

Yay! Taskmaster is back on TV. Yeah, it inspired us, again!

This time it was Series 4, Episode 3. On this occasion, it was the final task that we were most interested in. The contestants stood side-by-side and were told that music would be played. In turn, they needed to say a five letter word when the music stopped. If someone couldn't say a word or repeated a previously said word, they were out. Each time the game restarted, the number of letters in the word changed (2 letters was surprisingly hard). 

Image credit: UKTV - awaiting permission

- Group of children stand up.
- Give them a number of letters in a word (e.g. 5).
- Play music.
- Each time the music stops, the pupils, in turn, say a word with the required number of letters.
- Repeat or fail and you're out.
- Change number of letters.


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